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BEVA Trust Activities - July 2023

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28 Jul 2023 BEVA

The BEVA Trust volunteers have been busy over the last few months supporting UK and overseas projects. Secretariat Leaya Slater provides an update…

Four Education and Welfare Clinics, organised by The British Horse Society (BHS) and supported by welfare charities took place this spring. BEVA Trust volunteers joined BHS staff and volunteers to provide health checks, passports and castration if required in Warwickshire, Bridgend, Surrey, and Cumbria. At all the clinics the vet teams were amazing and worked brilliantly together supported by a lead vet and EVNs. A massive thank you to everyone who volunteered.

In February BEVA Trust volunteer Emma Preston travelled to Cambodia to provide training and education to the Cambodia Pony Welfare Organization (CPWO) team. The project was organised by World Horse Welfare (WHW).

“Collaborating with BEVA Trust to deliver training for community veterinary providers (village vets) in Cambodia has been incredibly valuable. Emma Preston had good understanding of the working equid context and participatory approaches which really complimented the Cambodia Pony Welfare Organization training programme.” Izzy Wild, International Programme Officer, World Horse Welfare.

We are delighted that members continue to get in touch, volunteer, and support the work of the BEVA Trust. If you would like to find out more about volunteering opportunities please contact Leaya at